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Dreme Boat is Coming Soon!!

Hey, George Dreme fans!

I know, I know, Dreme Boat was promised in the March 2018.

I finished it in January 2018, but I've been submitting the manuscript to prospective literary agents since then hoping they may want to handle me. It's not an easy process-- there are tons of rules and recommended ways of doing pitch emails; it requires a lot of research to find the right prospective agents and most often you wait weeks before anyone reads the email (usually the first chapter of the novel is included in the body of the email). They actually offer courses for tips on crafting the pitch.

Frankly, I'm astonished that many agents won't even respond with a boilerplate email. However, several have and I genuinely appreciate their response and review, even though it's a turn-down. I'm not discouraged. There is a rich history of authors that look for agents for years to handle them before they click with one. My agent, and publishing house, is out there and I'm going to find both soon.

In the meantime, I've decided to add Dreme Boat to Kindle and the cover is currently in design.

I've also finished my first "heist novel" unrelated to the Dreme series called "Tough Crowd." It's funny, has lots of action and I'm proud of it. Also coming soon.

The first chapter of Dreme Boat is available on the website. Check it out. and look for Dreme Boat before the end of the year. It's the best one yet!

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