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BAD DREME, FEVER DREME and SWEET DREME are getting fantastic reviews on Amazon Kindle!!  To buy the books, click here:


Your response to my George Dreme series is very encouraging!  Many thanks to the George Dreme thriller fans. I've received some great feedback from you on the books-- as well as a few tips!

 Be on the lookout for the next Dreme adventure

coming in January 2021: DREME Date 


I've notched four and I'm hard at work on the fifth, Dreme Date!


Janet, who is both my wife and best friend, encouraged me to begin writing.  I couldn’t have done it without her support, even though she prefers non-fiction.

I try to make the books a fun read-- not too long and plenty of action and quirkiness-- hopefully you agree that I've found the right recipe.  The books are getting excellent reviews so I'm emboldened to keep writing.  While it's a series in the sense it has the same character from story to story, I'm writing the books in such as a way so each can be read individually rather then chronologically.  Each one is standalone from the others, so feel free to dip into any one of them.  I'm also in the process of exploring audio book and print-on-demand versions of the books, so stay tuned for more announcements.


Two of my friends need special thanks. Roger and Linda Culbertson took the time to read, proofread, edit and make manuscript suggestions for the books— all of which were helpful, right-on and made the books better.  


To contact:


Linda Culbertson


Foresight Communications and Consulting, Inc.




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