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Fever Dreme is Receiving Great Press


Here's a link to an article in Hamlet Hub:


Easton Resident's Second Novel Continues Hypochondriac Hitman Story 


 Published on Friday, 16 October 2015 12:24 



Security industry veteran Jay Stuck has written his second George Dreme hypochondriac hitman novel, called "Fever Dreme."


The new novel is now available on Amazon Kindle and is the latest in the series focused on a sarcastic but lethal CIA contract killer.


“I’ve tried to create the anti-James Bond character,” says Stuck. “He’s smart and relatively sophisticated, but rather than killing super-villains in underwater mega-fortresses with a blond on his arm, my character illustrates the unglamorous, unromantic side of killing. It’s a dirty, ugly business conducted by psychopaths and sociopaths. Some of whom are actually very witty once you get past their vocation.”


Stuck says that he also concentrates on the boring aspects of a hitman’s job like surveillance. “I compare it to watching every minute of the State of the Union address,” he adds.


Stuck’s experience in the security industry is reflected in the books, especially when he writes about camera technology.

“My character is very familiar with camera technology, as well as its limitations, and uses that to his advantage.” 


Stuck’s first book in the series is "Bad Dreme."


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